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Quake & OA Projects

All projects related to Quake and OpenArena

About these projects

An executable and the program sources are provided with each download.

Quake 2 Unpacker

This program will unpack quake2 .pak files. It unpacks all files into the current directory.

Download (Last update: 05.03.2011.)

OpenArena Name Changer v1.6.0

OpenArena Name Changer

OpenArena Name Changer is a simple tool to help you with changing your OpenArena name. I've provided binaries for Windows and Linux. While Mac is possible too I don't have one so can't compile and test for Mac.

Download (Last update: 29.08.2011.)
Due to the hosting being crap, you can also download this file from RapidShare.

OA DMFlags 1.0

A tool to simply construct OpenArena DM Flags. Hopefully, I'll get the Linux binary up soon.

Download Win32 (binary and source, last update: 10.09.2012.)

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