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All the other projects not special enough for their own page

About these projects

Small but useful is the name of the game. All projects small enough that do not get their own part of the site will be placed here. There are more project than can be seen here, but these are either crap or something I cannot give out publicly.

An executable and the program sources are provided with each download. Additionaly, you'll need the base units to compile some of these projects.



This program displays characters and allows you to put your mouse over any character and see what code is used for that character. Pretty simple.

bitField 1.1


This program displays various representations of a 64 bit field. Editing any representation will update all others as you type. There are binary, additive, decimal and hexadecimal representations. Hopefully I'll upload the Linux binaries for 1.1 soon.

Download (1.1, win32, with source code)
Download (1.0, win32 and Linux-x32, with source code)


Converts a file into a assembler procedure you can include into your program. While designed for Turbo Pascal can also be used with FPC (you may need to add the $ASMMODE directive to the generated file to use Intel syntax). It also has an option to create a MASM include file.



Finds all prime numbers in a given range. This program can take a lot of time for large ranges (100 millions or more). It can also copy the selected or all prime numbers to clipboard.

Included is the sources and a i386-win executable (should work on x64 too).
Download (r1)
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