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My projects and programs.

About Projects

Here I've provided to you some of the programs and projects that I've developed and use. These may not be entirely functional, as some of them are still in development. Most of this is crap, but some of them may prove useful.

GNU General Public License version 3 All the code is licensed under GNU General Public License version 3 or at your option any later version. I strongly suggest reading the license before doing anything with the code. A copy of the license is provided with each project, and if not please do notify me.

7-zip All projects are compressed into 7-zip archives. You'll need to get 7-zip or an archiver which can handle 7z archives before you can use the projects. 7-Zip uses the powerful LZMA compression which makes smaller archives than compared to RAR or ZIP which is why I prefer it over other solutions. Save bandwidth.

Any documentation that accompanies my projects is either done with LibeOffice (formerly or in plain text format(do make sure you have a program that can read unix convention text files).


fpcBook is a book that helps to learn Pascal, specifically used with FPC.

Quake and OpenArena
Here are some Quake and OpenArena related projects.

This is a domain tracking software.

This is pretty much dead for now. Yep.

This is also pretty much dead for now.

bareOS is an example of a OS kernel built with Free Pascal.

Other Projects
Here are some other projects not big or special enough to have their own part of the site. Some small but useful tools.

Base Units
A collection of units I wrote. Most, if not all projects rely on these units. Unless otherwise indicated you will need these if you intend to build any project. However, most large projects (like freeTris and fpArena) have these already provided along with their source. I will try to provide most projects with all the sources they are used, but for some small projects I'll only provide the project sources.

I also make textured fonts for use in my programs and games. Some of them are available here. They are all licensed under Open Font License.

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