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All things concerning Pascal


I use Free Pascal for most of my programming. The Free Pascal Compiler(FPC) is THE BEST open source pascal compiler which you can get. The running cheetah above is the logo of FPC.

Additionaly, FPC needs a good IDE. While you get a decent IDE with it, you are far off better with Lazarus, a rapid application development environment similar to Delphi. While I do not utilize the RAD features of Lazarus, I do use it extensively as it makes development simpler.

Why use Pascal? Many people think it's an old and dead language. Not true as FPC is a quite modern compiler. There are many reasons to use FPC.


Free Pascal
The official web-site for Free Pascal. You can get the compiler here, as well as documentation(wiki).
Home for the Lazarus project. Everything Lazarus related is here.

Game Development

You can use (Free) Pascal to develop games.