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Game Development

Using Pascal (not C)


It is possible to develop modern games using Pascal. Whether you choose Free Pascal or Delphi there are plenty of options. Here I'll provide links and resources that might help you develop games with Pascal.


Pascal Game Development

This is a very good site for game development in Pascal. It is a forum where a lot of pascal(fpc, delphi, ...) developers gather. Plus there are articles on game development, programming and so on, as well as news related to Pascal and game development.

PGD Annual

PGD Annual
The annual Pascal Game Development Contest. You can join in a contest to develop a Pascal game and win prizes. Each year the contest has a different theme. You can join with a team or individually.

Pascal Gamer Magazine

Pascal Gamer

A nice magazine about Pascal game development. Brings news and useful articles. Get your copy of the latest issue from the site.

Delphi Gamer

Delphi Gamer
A site dedicated to developing games with Delphi.