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A Tetris like game


freeTris is a Tetris like, arcade game for 1 or 2 players. Still in development but playable.

Hopefully, in future versions I'll add sound, more game types, enhanced graphics, network gameplay and other features.

System Requirements

It can run on almost any machine having a 3D accelerator supporting OpenGL 1.1, and a Pentium class or similar processor.

Supported operating systems include Windows XP or newer. I've not tested on older systems, though the game should work on Windows 98, ME and 2000 (however, these systems are unsupported).

The GNU/Linux implementation has some issues(no mouse input, braindead window management) but is otherwise playable via the keyboard.

I also intend to support Mac OS X sometime in the future (as soon as I buy one, which might be never).


Take a look in the gallery to see what freeTris looks like (and what it does not look like).


You can download the game and it's sources. The sources are provided separately and contain the sources to all the 'art' used in the game.

Download not yet available. Should be soon.
Sources not yet available. Soon.

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