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The book that makes you go from Pascal weenie to Pascal Mastermind


I am trying to write a complete reference for Pascal, specifically used with FreePascal but most of it is valid for other compilers too. The book is still incomplete and can be used at most as a very basic reference.

Of course I'll constantly be updating and improving it so be sure to check again for a newer version of the book. You are also free to send suggestions and constructive criticism. The visual aspect of the book is probably one of the least of my priorities.

The book is covered with the GNU Free Documentation License v1.3. This gives you certain freedoms over the book which you may wish to exercise. Please read the license before doing anything with the book other than reading. The source for the book is the document file which you can download below.

The book is written using LibreOffice (formerly OpenOffice), so you'll need LibreOffice (available as beta), OpenOffice or a reader capable of reading OpenOffice files. In the future I'll provide a PDF version, as the book matures to be a decent reference.


You can download the book: Writter Document (ODT).
The archive provided contains also license and readme files.
The ODT format is the original which I use to write the book. Please note the license.

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