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A Quake III like game made with FPC


fpArena is something I've been developing for a while. It still sucks, but hey, things take time.

The project's intent is to create a Quake III like game. It encompasses most of what I've written with the help Free Pascal and Lazarus. The result so far is not impressive but it keeps improving with every day (sometimes week, sometimes a month). This project is not a Quake III clone, as all the code is written from scratch. It utilizies my own orcinusX(oX) engine and components(UI, networking, filesystem).

A lot is still in progress. There are many bugs left to fix(and more surely to come), and a lot of things need to be implemented.


Other people also helped fpArena. You can see the credits.


You can visit the gallery to see fpArena screenshots and images.


View the changelog changelog to see what changes and improvements have been done to fpArena.


By downloading fpArena you agree to all licenses fpArena is covered with. Please read the license.txt in the Documentation/ directory. Additional license information may be provided in updates.

Base (Last Update: No update available.)

Download not available currently (should be soon).
Once you download the file unpack it and read readme.txt inside the fpArena directory. This is of course the base which provides everything required to run fpArena.

Also, do not forget to install OpenAL. The OpenAL installer is provided along with fpArena.

Update (Last Update: No update available.)

Updates have to be applied to a base. If you don't have the base you will need to download it. Updates always require the latest base as there is no installer which would clear conflicts. You might wan't to view the changelog before you download and apply any update.

Read the how-to on updates.
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