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01.08.2010 (Sunday)
t's great when people want to help you. But on the internet sometimes the help you get may not be all that helpful, even though you do not realize it. I'm a FPC programmer, and I use Lazarus for RAD development, and I try to help people when I can, and I also ask people for help as nobody really knows everything (and I'm far from it).

Googling my way, trying to find information on how to edit the registry in Windows using FPC I came across this Yahoo Answers page. The person that wrote the best answer, chosen by the asker, writes a lot of disinformation, Namely, he writes that FPC is a TP clone and is only for DOS. This is the first WTF moment. It would not be so surprising if this was written sometimes during the 90's, but it was written 4 months ago. Another WTF is that the person also suggests Lazarus instead. For those who do not know, Lazarus is based on FPC, which is the compiler, and therefore if you use Lazarus you're bound to use FPC. And this DOS crap is stupid because FPC works for at least Windows, Linux and Mac. The minimum the asker wanted was to at least tell him the name of the unit for editing the registry, which is ironically called "registry".

I find this infuriating because the person that answered the question does not really know what he is talking about. I guess they can't be blamed that much, since it's the freaking Yahoo Answers!
14.07.2011 (Thursday)
The new site look is a lot better than the previous one. And not much work had to be done, just some changes to CSS.
14.08.2009 (Friday)
Uploaded my web-site. It has a decent look, but compared to other sites it looks like crap. Anyways, got someting more to waste my time on.